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After growing tired of having all my Animal Crossing information scattered across the web, I decided to put notion to use and make a dedicated workspace for New Horizons.

In this YouTube video I explain all of the features available in this workspace.

No more web surfing needed!

This workspace has all your Animal Crossing needs in just a few clicks!

Inside this workspace you will find

Villager Database

All 391 villagers with information including birthdays, personality types, amiibo card series and number with customisable views such as the residents gallery and the dreamies gallery!

*Now including the 2.0.0 update villagers!*

Insect, Fish, and Sea Creature Database

These databases will help you fill up your encyclopaedia in no time! Each contains information such as which creatures are available each month, how to find each creature, its sell price ect.

Redd's Artwork Guide

Keep buying forgeries from Redd? This database provides you will all the info you need to track which artwork you need and how to tell the genuine from the forged.

DIY Recipes

Track which DIYs you need to collect as well as the required crafting ingredients, source infomation and category. Also includes seasonal DIYs and the new cooking recipes!

Other Databases Included:


K.K Slider's Music

Reactions / Emotions

Gyroid Tracker

Paradise Planning (ACNH+HHP version only)

Custom Design Code Tracker

Dream Address Tracker




Nook Miles Achievements

Relocating Buildings

Construction Counter

Amiibo Tracker

All databases have pre-made customisable views to help filter the information important to you!

Overall this workspace will save you so much time! Gone are the days of having a thousand tabs open, all the information you need is right here!

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YouTube - notioncrossing

  • The Ultimate ACNH Notion Workspace

  • The Ultimate ACNH Notion Workspace
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Animal Crossing Notion Database

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